Loading a jar file

In order to to add a jar file at runtime from the SDE we just need to go from the main menu to the Load button (or using the shortcut Ctrl+L) and then find and point the appropriate jar file located somewhere in our hard drives. After that using the necessary import statements we are ready to use classes of that jar file into the climax scripts.

Make a plot

In order to make a simple plot in the SDE one may use the predefined object "thePlot" actually an instance of PlotFrame class.
import java.text.*; x=linspace(0.0, 6.0*PI, 10000) f={sin(it)} thePlot.addFunction(new plotfunction(x,f as DoubleFunction)) thePlot.setTexfontsize(20) thePlot.setFormatXAxis(new DecimalFormat("0.###")) thePlot.setFormatYAxis(new DecimalFormat("0.######E0"))
To use a different PlotFrame, one just need to initialize it as a new variable, that is:
anotherPlot = new PlotFrame()